About PCS

PCS opened its doors in January of 1993 as a document discovery and litigation support company. The company started as Personal Copier Services. As we grew, PCS began working in the Convention and Pharmaceutical market. After a few years we became Personal Convention Services.  

Although our first line of business was litigation, Washington DC was the perfect location for lobbying groups and Convention work to complement our existing litigation support projects. Over time, I became increasingly focused on pure litigation work. Since 2001, PCS has been working steadily to transition back into a pure litigation support company.  

The change in focus has led to increased growth for our company year over year. The secret to our success was to stop trying to be all things to all people. Instead, we harnessed the experience of thirty plus years of litigation support to focus on one thing, quality litigation support. I have spent the past three decades experimenting, modifying, and refining the way we do business to transform PCS into the premier copier litigation support company in the country. 

While our headquarters is located right outside of the nation’s capital, we have strategically located our equipment, trucks, and personnel in multiple sites around the country for nationwide coverage and fast response. 

In Marshall Texas we have a unique and dominant presence. Our location in Marshall has equipment, trucks, and PCS technical support staff onsite 24 x 7. We support all East and West district courthouses in Texas. Our location in Marshall means we are no more than ten minutes from any “War Room” in town and allows us to perform daily courtesy calls for our clients. You will not find a support experience equivalent to our Marshall location anywhere in the country. Period.  

PCS has a new location in Riverside, CA. This choice was no accident. The location gives us quick access to the five courthouses in Los Angeles County as well as an easy day trip to Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and all points west. 

Copying and printing are the last items on anyone’s checklist when putting together a War Room. Our goal is to make this an easy decision. One that will help make your long days shorter and get you back to your room for some rest before you get up and do it all over again.  

PCS can cover any trial, anywhere in the continental United States in any 24-hour period. Please contact us for a quote and pricing of our services for your next trial, you will not be disappointed. 


Charlie Helm 

President / PCS, Inc