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PCS now offers two separate options for the secure destruction of your documents during or after your next meeting. We have long used crosscut shredders for the destruction of your secure documents at the end of your meeting. Now if you have ever been responsible for the implementation of a meeting, you know that time is never your ally. Standing over a shredder hand feeding literally thousands of pages of documents is never any fun for anyone especially a valued human resource. So now we offer 65 gallon & 95 gallon security bins with locks as your shredder alternative.

The 65 gallon or 95 gallon security bins are completely secure and you simply need to walk by and place your documents through opening in the bin and walk away. Never worrying about paper jamming up the shredder or the pain of listening to the alarm bell of the shredder, which is never fun. The security bins can be delivered with your copier or other office equipment and pick-up with your other office equipment when the meeting ends and you don’t have to wait for a separate vendor.

We can have a truck come to your hotel and destroy your documents while you watch on closed circuit TV mounted on the truck or we can retrieve the bins and send you a “certificate of destruction”.

Please ask a PCS sales rep what is the best solution for your team. Crosscut shredders allow you to watch the destruction of your documents but can be a time consuming event during your meeting when time is never your ally.